Treasure Hunting Equipment

Forrest himself has mentioned:

Take a sandwich – could be a clue that there is a Subway nearby? 😉
Take a flashlight – could be a clue that the treasure is in a dark place.

Or he might be suggesting to follow the boy scout motto, ‘Be Prepared’.  

Clambering around rivers, waterfalls or rough ground is going to put you in danger.  Below is a list of the essentials.  Consider at least taking these things.  Most importantly, it’s always good to walk with a companion if you have a friend as crazy as you are to go trekking around.


  • You’ll be walking over rough terrain, there could be dangers and irritations like snakes, ticks, nettles, thorns. The terrain is not going to have many dents and divots, so to avoid sprains pick a boot that laces up the angle.


  • Always pack enough water for your trip. Buy a hydration backpack or a decent water carrier.  Think about getting a life straw as a backup, these can be dipped into a river or stream and will filter out most bad things.


  • You will need a place to store all your supplies. Pick something strong enough to place a 42 lb chest in J  Large enough to put a 10 x 10 x 6 chest J But more importantly, light weight, waterproof and something that has a mesh to avoid sweating and chafing.


  • Not just to look fashionable out in a field or down in a ditch. Get a good pair of sunglasses to protect your most valuable treasure: Your eyes.  They are not just for sun, a strong pair of glasses can stop you from getting a tree branch in the eye.


FlashLight or Headlamp

  • I would recommend a headlamp, if you are walking across rough terrain in the dark it’s a good idea to keep hands free for balance or walking sticks. I would also recommend taking a backup light source. Just in case you get carried away searching and run out of battery life. Get a waterproof light source.

First Aid Kit

  • Very important. Nobody should go on an expedition without one.  Hopefully it will be a waste of money for you, or worst case it was your best investment.

Walking sticks

  • Not just for older people. A good walking stick or set of walking sticks are great for clearing a path, keeping back a surprise snake, steady you over rough terrain, and something to lean on when taking a breather.


  • It’s a good idea to take a GPS with a good battery life. It’s too easy to get lost in the woods.


Walkie Talkie

  • Give yourself a chance to call for assistance if you need to, think about getting a good ranged walkie talkie.


Metal Detector

  • Be careful, it’s not legal to use a metal detector on certain land types, but if it’s legal to use, then it might help to find buried treasure or a gold nugget.


  • Be careful, it’s illegal to dig on certain land types. If it’s legal to carry on over the land you are searching, get a telescopic or folding shovel so that you can carry it easier.



  • If you are searching for the blaze, then maybe a good set of binoculars would be handy. Also, you can check out some wildlife on your travels. They are kind of weighty, so decide how powerful you need vs weight.


Under water scope

  • If you are searching around waterways for treasure, then possibly an underwater scope would help you. Of course, you could buy a see through water proof cell phone bag, and use your phone’s video option to scan around under water.


Bear Spray

  • Make sure that this is legal to carry in the location you’re searching. If it’s legal, then there is nothing like a little peace of mind.

Bear Bell

  • Allegedly bears will steer clear of people carrying bear bells. Not sure if it’s because they don’t like the sound, or they just don’t want to hang with people wearing bells, either way, they can keep you safer.


  • Something lightweight and waterproof in the summer, something very warm with lots of pockets in the winter.


Waterproof Cell Phone jacket

  • Protect your cell phone, chances are it won’t find service if you need it anyway, but still, protect your cell phone.



  • It’s a good idea to keep a compass, I the GPS stops working, at least you won’t be walking around in circles trying to find your way back to a highway.

Laminated Map

  • Always handy to have a laminated map stuffed in your backup just in case your GPS stops working.


  • There are many cases where a good rope can come in handy. From helping you down a slippery embankment, to hoisting up your backup after climbing back up said embankment.