Magnetic Declination

Looking at Forrest Fenn’s map in ‘Too Far To Walk’, you will notice lines of Magnetic Declination.

These lines are interesting because many searchers believe that they could be a clue.

In ‘The Thrill of the Chase’, the poem is preceded with the following preamble:

‘So I wrote a poem containing nine clues that if followed precisely, will lead to the end of my rainbow and the treasure:’

Check out the Magnetic Declination map here…

Magnetic Declination Map

Look at the 9 line.  Also change the date to when Forrest hid the treasure (Maybe 2009, 2010, 2011?).

It’s possible the nine clues is a reference to the 9 degree line at a particular year?  Note that in the ‘Too Far to Walk’ Book, the map shows the 9 degree line, but it is over to the right.

You can see the map on Daal’s page here…

Too Far to Walk Map