Kirwin Solve

Kirwin lies on the Wood River

Brown Mountain is close by

Bald Mountain is on the other side of the river. (Bold in old English.  Also, ff talks of going bald in The Thrill of the Chase)

Spar Mountain is close by (Spar is a long piece of wood, possibly like a paddle or spear)

It used to be a mining town (Heavy Loads)

Chief Mountain (If you’ve been Brave?)

Amelia Earharts cabin nearby.

Brown Mountain Campground is downstream from Kirwin

Fenn mentioned the Popo Agie at least once saying something like “How can you ignore such a place”.

The county name is “Hot Springs County”.

WY is it I must go

Approximately 50 miles away from YNP

The opposite side of the earth from where ff was station in Vietnam (Tuy Hoa) – Flip the longitude and latitude.

Kirwin resonates with “Tarzan” The original name for the chest

The Chapter, “Buffalo Cowboys supports a Wyoming solve (the “cowboy state” * the state animal is the Buffalo).

The Conquistador and equipment remains in the back of the pickup was in Kirwin (ff had talked about dying with his chest like the conquistador in an Indian Jones movie

Page 120 of Once Upon a While, in the chapter “Memories That Never Die” Kirwin is where is heart is located on the superimposed shadow of Forrest Fenn.