Major Forrest Fenn does like to use the word imagination. Here are some of his Imaginative quotes:

“When used properly, imagination also can be a treasure.” f

“I received this story from and old friend. We flew the happy fighter skies together in the 1960s when he was a major and I was a 1st Lt.  His call sign was Black Bart and I was Comanche. He is a man of fiber and substance who retired with three stars on his collar. He didn’t write the story, but his comment to me was about living when times were simpler and the rewards wer greater. He taught me that imagination could nearly always be used to narrow the gap.” f

“Complacency is the misuse of imagination” f

“I was born and raised in Central Texas where the Comanche Indians often ranged and plundered. Being an early student of their history, and an avid collector of their clothing, weapons, and photographs, my imagination long ago fell prey to their way of life. Historians call them the “Lords of the Plains”, and that name is well merited because no other tribe could sit a horse and ride with such handsome manner.

“I really like sculpting because it gets me out where the air blows fresh and my imagination can roam free.” f

“…imagination could nearly always be used to narrow the gap.” f

“…I wanted people to go out and have some adventure, uh, some imagination…” f

“Imagination is more important than knowlege.”  (Knowledge spelled incorrect on the brass bell he forged)

“The clues are in the poem and if you can figure out the clues, they will take you to the treasure chest.  You need a little imagination maybe.” f

“But if you have an imagination, and you have a pretty good mind and if you have a little bit of resolve you can find that treasure chest” f

“The power of imagination” f

“Imagination isn’t a technique, it’s the key.” f