Fenn Treasure Solves?

Take these with a pinch of salt.

Even though one or two of these Fenn Treasure Solves are laughable, one or two might be onto something 🙂

Fox Lake Solve

Galacatomic Solve

Fenns Pond Solve (broken link now, but basically said it’s in Fenn’s pond)

A Whisperer

Folsum Falls NM Solve

Amelia Earhart

Chief Ouray National Park Solve

Please let me know if there are any broken links and I will remove.   Email me at phil@forrestfenntreasure.com if you find some more Fenn Treasure Solves.

Here’s a snippet from

Flaming Gorge Reservoir in Wyoming (where warm waters halt) and continue downstream 15 miles (too far to walk), you come to a park named for French Canadian fur trapper Baptiste Brown (home of Brown). Follow the river and you come to Fort Misery, where pioneer Joseph Meek hid out among notorious outlaws (no place for the meek). The geography, the trappers, and the wordplay all read like classic Fenn. But: no treasure.


Dry Cimarron River