Forrest Fenn Treasure Chest

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Forrest Fenn Treasure Chest

Please note, we are not affiliated with Forrest Fenn in any way, we are just treasure seekers on a mission.  We aim to compile as much information about the Treasure Hunt as possible.

Who is Forrest Fenn?

Forrest Fenn is a Vietnam vet, a retired art gallery owner and a writer with a passion for native American relics.  He became a millionaire selling art.  He lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico and spends his retirement at an old Pueblo digging for artifacts.

Mr Fenn is said to have hidden an antiue bronze chest filled with gold coins, nuggets and exotic stones somewhere in the Rocky Mountains North of Santa Fe.

What’s in the Forrest Fenn Treasure Chest?

The Forrest Fenn treasure chest is said to be full of gold, jewelry and ancient artifacts

The treasure chest dates to about 1150 AD. It measures 10x10x6, weighs 42 pounds (including its contents), and is constructed of ancient bronze.

Inside the Forrest Fenn treasure chest:

Gold nuggets (hundreds, some as large as a chicken egg)
265 gold coins (mostly American eagles and double eagles)
Rare coins
Pre-Columbian gold animal figures
Jewelry (including a Spanish 17th century gold-and-emerald ring and a bracelet with turquoise beads excavated in 1898 from Mesa Verde which Fenn says he would like back if the treasure is found while he is still alive)
Gemstones – hundreds of rubies, diamonds, emeralds, and two Ceylon sapphires
A 20,000 word autobiography sealed in a glass jar.


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  1. scottie phillips says:

    U know who i am i found the blaze this is cognito im very close to finding it as i am good freinds of jack beasly of farmington

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